Make The Most Out Of Your Visit To Oli Oli Dubai

Oli Oli is Dubai’s first ever interactive children’s play museum!!… It’s a great day out for kids… Perfect for all ages from toddlers to early teens and it’s indoors so it’s ideal if you want to escape the heat! There’s so much to see and do when you’re there, it can be a little overwhelming to start with… Read my top tips for visiting Oli Oli, especially useful if it’s your first time!

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(There were lots of other people at Oli Oli but I’ve tried to only select pictures without showing other people and children for privacy reasons!)

Oli Oli Dubai
Futuristic Gallery

Top tips for visiting Oli Oli!

  • There are ‘sock zones’ – don’t forget to pack a few pairs of socks so you can enjoy all of the areas. (This applies to adults too… everyone must wear socks so whether you’re supervising little ones or fancy getting involved too… Socks are a must!)
  • Be sure to charge your phone and take a charger if you think you might need one… just for those all important photo opportunities… And trust me… Oli Oli is totally Instagram worthy!!!
Oli Oli Dubai
Water Gallery
  • Pack a few changes of clothes, especially if your little ones check out the water gallery. They do have aprons available, although my Son still managed to get soaked with one on (and he wasn’t the only one!!)
  • Take swim shoes or flip flops for the water gallery. The floor is a metal grid (to allow the water to flow through) so it’s a little uncomfortable on bare feet.
  • Share the love, check in on social media. Oli Oli often repost Instagram stories. (Psst… Be sure to follow them on social media (@olioliuae), they run some great competitions and you get to keep in the loop of what’s on and when!)
  • Take drinks and snacks… Having this much fun is thirsty work! If you forget or fancy something different then don’t worry…
Oli Oli Dubai
La Petite Treehouse Cafe
  • Try their treehouse cafe! It’s reasonably priced and has some good options too! It’s super stylish and they even have Phil & Ted high chairs… Swanky I know!!!
  • You can book tickets online to avoid disappointment, weekends can get really busy! (Don’t forget weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, Not Saturday/Sunday!) You can also save money with their multi visit passes!
The Carey Mum
Me and my sidekick
  • Check out all of the galleries first then revisit your Childs favourite… This way you won’t miss anything!
  • Don’t forget to look out of the windows… They have some amazing sculptures and illusion artwork on display!
  • Get involved with your kid(s) it’s great fun for adults too! Wear something that you’re comfortable in… it’s not quite a soft play but Toshi’s Net Gallery definitely isn’t advisable in a dress/skirt! (The first time we went I wore a dress and instantly regretted it… luckily, on this occasion Mason didn’t go up too high into the net… Epic mum fail!)
Air Gallery

Final words of wisdom

Oli Oli Dubai is like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced in the UK. Not only is it a great day out for the kids but its clean, tidy and so well thought out! In comparison to UK soft plays, yes it may cost a bit more (not by much) but the level of play, interaction and activities doesn’t even compare! Oli Oli wins hands down every time! It’s not just a place to let the kids burn off energy… At Oli Oli they really embrace and encourage learning through interactive play! I mean, seriously what’s not to love.. It’s bloody brilliant!!

Explore all of the Galleries, channel your inner child and get involved with your little ones… Enjoy every moment! If you’ve visited let me know what you think? Have you been to anything similar?… Comments, feedback and questions are all welcome below.

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