Planning Baby No.2


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that we’re expecting baby number 2 and…. it’s a GIRL! (Scroll to the bottom of this post for the all important update!)

Mason was born in April 2016 and our baby girl is due June 2019. A three year age gap. We had tried for a few months before conceiving but the stress of moving countries and often not being in the same country as each other didn’t help!

Vitamin Supplements

I follow Luisa Zissman on Instagram and she blogged about vitamin supplements to help those trying to conceive… So I thought why the hell not! I took DHA and COQ10 along with folic acid which I was taking anyway. I was previously taking folic acid from Boots UK but switched to the one Luisa suggested as it’s a higher strength. Same with the DHA and COQ10. You can get these in Holland and Barrets etc but the strength varies and they’re so expensive! So again I followed the purchase links on Luisa’s blog. Her blog also mentions male supplements too but we didn’t use them so I can’t vouch for those.

Above from Left to right: boots folic acid & vitamin D combined, DHA from Holland & Barrett’s and COQ10 from Holland & Barrett’s.

The ones I ended up taking from Luisa’s recommendations.
And the DHA also from Luisa’s recommendations.

Fertility Apps

I also downloaded the ‘Maybe baby’ App that Luisa suggested. I used lots of other apps previously… Admittedly, I’m not the brightest person ever but I can usually get by… Some of these Apps though – OMG! You need a bloody science degree to work them out! Having said that when you actually read into conception it’s amazing how anyone ever conceives given the window, for some people it’s literally hours!!! The ‘Maybe Baby’ App is super easy to use and also guides you on gender if that’s something you want to try and influence.

Blue: fertility Apps I struggled to use/understand. Red: The amazing Maybe Baby App. Green: The App I use to track the baby’s development and growth through pregnancy.

Anywayyyy… I fell pregnant the first month after taking these supplements and using the ‘Maybe baby’ App… Science or coinsidence? I don’t know… but either way I’m over the moon!!! Read Luisa’s full blog here for all the details on where to purchase the supplements from and which app to use. Thank you Luisa for sharing the supplement tips and App!

Roll on June 2019! We can’t wait to meet our little princess!!


Sooo turns out we’re not having a girl after all… click here for what happened!

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