A financial must have for expats & anyone that loves to travel!

Whether you’re living that expat life or simply love to travel then this little gem is a must have for your purse/wallet!!!

Gone are the days of having to withdraw all your holiday spends before going away… We used to do this because we were charged to use our bank card abroad and charged to withdraw cash…

What a palaver!

Introducing the Monzo account!! (There are now other similar ones on the market but this is the one I have)


  • Easy to use App
  • Easy transfers to and from your account via the App
  • No fees are added on transactions (they’re done at the MasterCard exchange rate)
  • Charge free withdrawals of up to £200.00 per month (after which a 3% fee applies)
  • Choose your currency. Country at the time or GPB.
  • Works with Apple Pay and Apple Watch.
  • You don’t need to notify them when you’re going abroad.
  • Protected by FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) up to the sum of £85,000.00.
  • My favourite feature… it’s sassy bright orange coloured card!! 🤣😍


    You need to be a UK resident to register. So if you’re an expat this might be tricky, unless you have a house in the UK.
    Must be age 16+ to apply for a Monzo account – So it’s not applicable for kids/younger teenagers etc.

Side note

Please remember when reading this that I’m not a financial guru… In fact, I’m actually pretty rubbish with numbers… but as my husband will tell you, I’m good at shopping and spending money!! 🤣😂🤦🏽‍♀️ This is just something we use that we’ve found super useful so I wanted to share! The info above is correct at the time of publishing, but be sure to check the current rates, fees and t&c’s of the Monzo account… as like with anything, they can often change! Click here for a link to their site!

Have you got an account similar to Monzo? If so I’d love to know which ones people prefer and the different USP and features! Get in touch in the comments below! Thank you 😘

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