Pregnancy & Sushi

When I’m pregnant I instantly crave everything that I’m not allowed… rare steak, runny pouched eggs, red wine, soft cheeses and my biggest craving of all, SUSHI!

First pregnancy – No Sushi

During my first pregnancy I was told that raw sushi/sashimi wasn’t allowed! Not even smoked salmon. So naturally all I could think about was sashimi sushi and smoked salmon!!

But…. three years later during my second pregnancy the NHS guidelines have changed!! Click here for their full guidelines. (Even though I live in Dubai now I still follow the NHS guidelines on most things as medical advise in the UAE can sometimes contradict depending on which consultants you see)

Second pregnancy – All the Sushi

In brief, yes you can eat sushi and sashimi etc BUT ONLY IF IT’S BEEN PREVIOUSLY FROZEN! Sometimes, wild fish can contain small parasitic worms that could make you ill. Freezing kills the worms and makes raw fish safe to eat. In Dubai most fish (and other foods) are previously frozen during transit etc. So it’s usually safe to assume but I always check first… just to be on the safe side!!

Sushi anyone?

Anywayyyy enough of the science… I’m ordering maki rolls! 🍱🍣😍

What pregnancy cravings have you got/did you have?

*** The guidelines on sushi are correct at the time of publishing but always be sure to check any updated guidelines and with your doctor if your have any concerns.

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