Parent iPad/iPhone Hack That You Need To Know!

Seriously, this hack is a game changer! I thought that everyone knew about this but when I’ve shown other Mums it turns out that it’s not common knowledge! Intrigued?… Read on!

This isn’t a post about toddler screen time, too much, too little, what to watch or play etc. Save your toddler screen time debates for another day… This post is to simply show parents how to let their toddlers use their apple devices (iPads/iPhones) without calling 999 or texting someone back that you’ve been avoiding… (Let’s admit it, we’ve all got those unread WhatsApp messages!!)

Possibly the best kept parenting secret… EVER!

This hack allows you to disable the whole or part of the screen. You can even disable the volume control… It’s genius. And it can be actived/deactivated with a passcode or your fingerprint ID.

Video tutorial

Watch this video to see how! It’s really simple (but not simple enough for a toddler to figure out)


Guided Access

Set up

  • Go to ‘settings’, select ‘general’.
  • Select ‘accessibility’ and then under ‘learning’ select the tab ‘guided access’
  • Switch it on, set a passcode (or use fingerprint ID).
  • Be sure to enable ‘accessibility shortcut’… This means that you can start or end the guided access by triple clicking the home button and entering your passcode/using your fingerprint.
  • That’s it! It’s all set up. Exit settings.

In App use

  • Whilst in the App that you want your toddler to use triple click the home button and enter your passcode (or fingerprint ID).
  • Guided access will then start, you can edit the areas of the screen that your child can have access to and areas that you disable the use of.
  • I.e. for YouTube kids I play the video then start guided access. I then disable the whole screen. I also click options and disable the volume control so Mason can’t make it louder etc.
  • For interactive Apps where he’s playing games and needs to use parts of the screen I only disable certain areas like the exit button and home screen for example. You do this by circling the areas that you wish to disable.
  • Guided access is quite clever in that it remembers the settings you’ve chosen for each App, so you don’t have to set it up each time, although you can edit them, just triple click the home button whilst guided access is on! It really is that easy!

Other hacks?

Do you know any other hacks? Did you know about this one? Have you used it? Any feedback is welcome. Comment below. *** Please please please remember that this isn’t a sceen time debate! Thank you.

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