La Perle Dubai

La Perle by Dragone is a show that tells an enchanting story using acrobatics and water. Housed at the Al Habtoor City Hotel it offers something completely different to anything else that you’ll find here in Dubai. Keep reading to see what I thought…


We went on a child free date night… They have two show times 7pm or 9.30pm. We opted for the 9.30pm showing so we could go for dinner before hand. Vallet parking is available outside, we got our ticket validated at Zoco Mexican restaurant. You get an exclusive 50% off the hotel atrium restaurants with your show ticket… This applies to food and drink!!… What a deal!!!!

Facilities & Dress Code

The foyer offers your usual theatre snacks from popcorn, chocolates, sweets, ice-cream, and hot/cold drinks etc. Like with anywhere inside in Dubai they like to blast the AC, not as cold as the cinema but close, so I would definitely say to take a jacket or jumper etc. The dress code is relatively casual, I went in trainers and jeans for comfort as the show is 1hr 20mins long and I was 20 weeks pregnant.


We had amazing seats… head on to the stage and on the middle level. A lot of the show is mid air so we were at the perfect level to see everything. Those that sat front row on the ground level got wet when the water poured at certain points during the show… I’m so glad that our seats weren’t there!!

A lot of the seats were empty and I saw some people purchasing tickets on the evening so it can definitely be an option for a last minute thing to do.

The show started promptly which I liked. If you go, make sure you get there early and seated before the start time as you’re immediately engaged with the lights and music.

The Story

There’s no narrative or character speech… I guess it’s to make the show easy to watch for people no matter their language barriers. The intro song is however in English. Was the story easy to follow? For me personally, not really. I got the general gist of it but left confused. Did it matter? Again, not really. I loved the acrobatics and seeing the artists flip, twist and dive etc. Truly amazing!! All I know is that there was a pearl, a king and a girl… hmm. Click here for a sneak peek video.

Worth The Money?

The tickets are quite expensive for such a short show. You can get dinner and show packages etc. Sometimes tickets are on offer if you book online via their website here but they’re not on apps like the Entertainer as far as I’m aware. There were moments in the show when there was too much going on at the same time… people walking on the ceiling, stuff going on ground level and mid air… I felt like I needed two extra pairs of eyes! I would say it’s similar to a ballet show where you follow the story line but with acrobatics etc thrown in. The skills displayed were truly amazing and the production was great! It’s definitely something to consider as an alternative night out if you don’t want to hit the Dubai party scene.

My Verdict

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Would I go again: No. I mean, this applies to most shows right? Once you’ve seen it you’ve seen it?!
  • Would I take children under 5: No. I did notice some younger children there and they were unengaged… and at the end of the show they were being carried out asleep. It’s suitable for older children that have the patience to sit and watch, they would love the acrobatics but the story line might be lost with them.
  • Would I recommend it: This is a tough one… yes and no. It really depends on if you like this sort of thing, it’s quite similar to Cirque du Soleil. I’m glad that we went to experience it and ticked it off our ‘Things to do in Dubai’ list!

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