Newborn To Toddler Skincare

A really quick write up on my newborn to toddler skincare, our experiences with Mason and what products we used. Read on to see my stage by stage skin care and product lists.

Newborn to 1 Month

When Mason was born he basically looked like a little Benjamin Button! Wrinkly but adorable!!

We were advised not to bath him for a week or so to let the natural oils do their work.

First bath

We bathed him on the 5th day of his tiny little life (we were in hospital for 4 days). He loved it! And ever since then he’s had a bath (or shower since being a toddler) every night!

First bath – no bubbles, no bath wash, just warm water. (Cool boiled water)

To follow I used coconut oil to moisturise him, I found it really helps with the shedding skin phase. Anvi Earth’s baby range, Anvi Baby, is all organic and specially designed with newborn skin in mind. They do everything from coconut oil to muslins, swaddles and more! Their designs are just the cutest!! You can get 10% off using code carey10 at Just click here to see their range.

I didn’t use coconut oil on Masons face. He had baby achne/milk spots and looked like a spotty teenager… Our health adviser suggested Cetaphil lotion! It cleared his baby achne in under a week!!!! So we continued to use this on his face until he was 1.

I didn’t use baby wipes for the first month… I used cooled boiled water and lint free cotton pads. So gentle on tiny newborn skin. After a month I moved onto Tesco own brand fragrance free wipes. Here in Dubai I’ve found these amazing wipes by Pureborn and they also come in a travel size pack too! So handy and super gentle on newborn skin! ….And if you haven’t seen their nappies then where have you been?! They have the cutest designs using natural materials! They’re also available from Mumzworld using code carey10 for 10% off. You can get 10% off direct with Pureborn from their website too with code TCM10, just click here.

Pure born wipes

1 Month to 1 year

After a few weeks I introduced bath wash and started using the earth friendly baby lavender organic products by Lansinoh in his bath and to wash him. Super gentle and smells amazing!

I stayed clear of Johnsons products as they appeared to be full of chemicals and ‘baby oil’ doesn’t absorb into the skin so you end up with a slippery greasy baby! Coconut oil absorbs into the skin leaving your baby soft but not slippery! Childs farm had just come out then and I wasn’t familiar with it. But with baby no.2 I will probably skip the lavender products and go straight to the child’s farm from newborn range.

1 to 2 years

I then moved on to child’s farm at age 1, stopping the coconut oil and using their heavenly scented baby lotion and bath products. And well, I haven’t looked back since. We are now a Childs farm house hold!

Child’s farm addicts!

Even their swim wash and sun-care range is so handy! What’s more they now stock it in Dubai! Again, their full range can be found at and you can get 10% off using the code carey10 at the checkout.

Child’s farm sun care spray on lotion.

2 Years Plus

I still use Childs farm but if I run out or forget to pack it when I go somewhere then anything will do… The simple brand or sanex or a little drop of whatever there is. Hotel toiletries are usually ok too… I mean it’s only a tiny bit and not often so it’s ok I think. I’m careful with shampoo and his eyes etc but the products are generally fine. We’re lucky in that Mason doesn’t have sensitive skin so we don’t have to be too careful.

Bath products

  • childsfarm. You can get 10% off at Mumzworld with code Carey10.


  • UAE – Anvi coconut oil. You can get 10% off at Mumzworld with code Carey10.
  • cetaphil
  • child’s farm. You can get 10% off at Mumzworld with code Carey10.

Sun protection

  • be sure to check UVA rating etc
  • child’s farm. You can get 10% off at Mumzworld with code Carey10.


  • UAE – Pureborn natural wipes – these come in a handy travel sized pack too!!! perfect! Again, get 10% off at using code carey10.
  • You can also get 10% off on pureborn’s website here using code TCM10.

Browse all the products on mumzworld and use code Carey10 at the checkout for 10% off! Here’s a link to their website! They also have an app!


I hope you found this useful! If you have any baby/toddler skincare tips feel free to share them below under the leave a reply section! Thank you 😘

*** please remember I’m not an expert or dermatologist. I’m just sharing products we love and our experience! Any concerns please consult your health advisor.

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