Things to take advantage of before you have kids!

Whether you’re planning a baby or expecting your first child there are definitely things I would say to take advantage of before you become parents…

Check out my list of things to do/take advantage of both before you fall pregnant and whilst your pregnant before your first baby arrives…

Pre/Whilst planning a baby

  • Go out and party if that’s your thing or…
  • Whatever your ‘thing’ is, be it days out, minis breaks, cinema trips etc do it.
  • Enjoy wearing heals
  • Travel
  • Do whatever you want to… Before routines, bedtimes and before you’re ruled by a tiny version of yourself!
One of many impromptu Vegas trips. Pre pregnancy!
  • Coffee coffee coffee… before you have to start limiting your intake and drinking decaf!
  • Have and enjoy lazy days and me time – why not!!
  • Embrace your mobility and agility… After conception the third trimester will creep up where you may not be as agile!
  • If you’re actively trying to conceive check out my blog listing helpful vitamins, supplements and apps. Click here.
I worked in Australia for 3 months (pre conception) I’m so glad that I took this opportunity to explore and see some amazing things!
First trimester back packing round Bali

Whilst pregnant

  • Sleep – and don’t feel guilty about it. Nap away till your hearts content
  • Go to the cinema
  • Be selfish – without the mum guilt.
  • Go out for dinners/lunches and enjoy being able to eat/drink without attending to your soon new arrival
  • Enjoy your me time!
  • Lay in and have lazy days – don’t feel guilty about them!
  • Embrace your bump… show it off if you want to.


  • Look after your bump. Click here for my top tips on reducing stretch marks etc.
  • Do whatever you want… relax, go out or just stay in and watch Netflix. Enjoy you time!
  • Join some Facebook forum groups for local mums in your area. Maternity leave can sometimes be lonely.
  • Join an Nct group or similar.
  • Go on a babymoon- staycation or abroad – just spend time together/with friends and family. Click here to see our babymoons.
  • Rest, read, relax… do whatever you love
  • Don’t give in to mum shaming, mummy pressure or preachy books/articles. Trust your instincts!
  • Nest – take time to prepare for your new arrival
  • And most importantly… Enjoy peeing in privacy and having uninterrupted showers! 🤣
End of second trimester babymoon to New York



Do you agree/disagree? Have I missed anything? Let me know in the leave a reply section below. 😘

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