You know you’re a British expat mum living in Dubai when…

So having been living my Dubai expat life for just under a year now I’ve admittedly become more Dubai than I ever thought possible! How many of the ‘how Dubai are you’ list below can you relate to?

How Dubai are you???

My ‘Holy Sh*t that’s a long way back’ face! Disclaimer: it’s actually 3413.62mi but I already had the two zeroes out and my nails are too long (and patience too short) to faff about!

You know you’re a British expat mum living in Dubai when

1 – You convert everything back to sterling using the average divide by 5 rule.

2 – You first thought that the idea of having a nanny/maid was ludicrous but now you couldn’t live without one.

3 – Atleast one person in your household has a Camelbak drinking bottle. (If you don’t and want to be more Dubai 🤣 then get one from Mumzworld using code carey10 for 10% off – click here

4 – You accept the fact that people you and your kids make friends with could leave Dubai at anytime.

5 – You live in flip flops.

6 – Your kids don’t own a jacket.

7 – You’re baffled as to why they sell winter wear in Dubai.

8 – Yallah and inshallah are now part of your daily vocabulary.

9 – You complain about the heat and love it when it rains (except when you’re back in the UK).


10 – Everything is sandy but you just don’t care anymore.

11 – School fees and healthcare costs make you appreciate the UK education and NHS system.

12 – You have a pool on your doorstep but the novelty has worn off.


13 – You still check the NHS website when you have any medical concerns.

14 – You consider getting Careems/Ubers just to avoid driving and parking.

15 – You drive an American SUV, just like everyone else on the school run.

16 – You order in more times than you cook in a week.


17 – You’re always on edge awaiting the announcement of a last minute public holiday or school closure.

18 – You bulk buy squash in fear that it will sell out.

19 – You forget what it’s like to put fuel in your own car.

20 – Marks & Spencer food yellow stickers are life!

21 – Daiso Japan is your Dubai Poundland where you let the kids go wild and choose whatever they want!

22 – If somewhere doesn’t have valet parking you seriously consider not going.

23 – You give a list of things (including OXO cubes) for anyone visiting from the UK to bring in their luggage for you.

24 – You’re in a supermarket every 2-3 days restocking.

25 – At first you insisted on packing your own grocery shopping but now you’re far too Dubai for that!

26 – If it’s not on the Entertainer you’re not going.

27 – You wait till you’re back in the UK to buy clothes.

Me and mine at the beach

28 – You constantly have to keep reminding your kids about how lucky they are!

29 – You thought you could never drive here but after a week you were driving like you’ve always lived in the UAE.

30 – You no longer get road rage and just accept the fact that some drivers use their indicators and others don’t.

31 – Your kids say ‘mom/mommy’ instead of ‘mum/mummy’, ‘trash’ instead of ‘rubbish’ and ‘zee’ instead of ‘zed’. Even if they attend a British School!

32 – You become accustom to ‘Dubai time’ – 10 minutes might mean 1 hour and next week could mean next month.

33 – You have an air pollution/quality app on your phone.

34 – You’re always on the hunt for a good fish and chips and roast dinner!

Somewhere in RAK. Beautiful drive and wildlife


What else?

Is there anything you’d add to the list? Or anything you agree/disagree with? Let me know in the leave a reply box below.

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