1st, 2nd & 3rd Birthday Parties!

Mason recently turned 3! It was the first year of him really understanding what was happening. Read on to see what I mean…

1st Birthday

  • They still need to nap
  • They literally have no idea what’s going on
  • They want to eat everything including the balloons, balloon strings and weights
  • It can be overwhelming for them.
  • They don’t really have any friends. So it’s more a party for you and family to celebrate
  • They go nuts from the taste of cake/sugar
  • You’ll need baby friendly food
  • If you have other babies coming you need to think about changing facilities, soft/cushioned areas to sit/play and high chairs

2nd Birthday

  • A bit more aware but not really understanding what’s happening
  • Still might need a nap
  • Still a little overwhelming for them.
  • Toddler friendly food and snacks will be needed.
  • Will 100% want to grab the candles when they’re lit
  • High chairs and changing facilities still needed
  • Concept of sharing or getting along with other kids is far fetched… so prepare for clashes and tantrums.

3rd Birthday

  • Fully understands the concept of birthdays and parties
  • You can use it as a bribe/threaten cancelling it for weeks before 😂
  • Has little mates who are all just as excited
  • The party is more about the kids than parents and family!
  • Toilet trained… potties may be needed
  • They can take instruction/play games etc
  • Usually a bouncy castle is all they really need
  • Will be into something like cars, dinosaurs or unicorns etc so it can be themed – we ordered a party in a box spider man theme from Stardust Parties using code carey20 for 20% off. All the props etc you see are from them!
  • Balloons are always a winner… helium and air filled just dotted around on the floor!
  • Food is easy- finger food; hummus, breads, veg sticks and dip, fruit, nuggets chips, pizza etc. They literally eat everything and can feed themselves
  • They become obsessed with any bit of tat in the party bags! (We included a whistle each… the parents loved us for that 🤣)
  • Their excitement, innocence and absolute appreciation is heart warming!
  • They will keep telling you about how it was the best day ever!
  • I’m planning to post a full blog on Mason’s 3rd Birthday Party as it was AMAZING and we used some brilliant (and reasonably priced – which is hard to come by in Dubai) suppliers that I’d love to share with you all! 

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