The ultimate Mums list of things to bring back from the UK to Dubai!

Having lived the expat life for just over a year now there are so many things (aside from family and friends) that I really miss. When people ask me what I miss I find myself saying Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Primark… Yes, I know that I sound like a total loser but it’s so true!

Packing light! This was my pre baby no.2 haul from the UK!

Freedom to shop!

I definitely take advantage of using my UK bank account and my husband not receiving a text after every sodding purchase… The bliss of being able to go to Mcdonalds and not having a text from my husband asking how my burger was like some text alert stalker! 😉

Anyway… I’ve compiled a (hopefully) helpful list of things to stock up on in the UK that are either unavailable here in Dubai or just ridiculously priced

The list!

  • Oxo cubes! I haven’t managed to find them anywhere in Dubai!
  • Ella’s (or other brand) food pouches! They’re really expensive here and limited flavours.
  • Infacol! Unavailable in Dubai.
  • Snuffle babe! Also unavailable in Dubai.
  • Ambesol! Another one that’s unavailable in Dubai.
  • Cards and gift wrap. They’re available in Dubai but I usually stock up in card factory for cheaper and better styles.
  • Calpol! Even boots own brand isn’t available here. Fill your boots!
  • Paracetamol and ibuprofen! I stock up on supermarket own brand ones. They’re obviously sold in Dubai but not for the same price.
  • Clothes! Especially stuff for kids. Primark is ideal for socks, pants, swimwear and throw on tee’s, etc.
  • Kids shoes! I tend to stock up and buy the next few sizes up whenever I’m back in the UK. The price difference is crazy and let’s be honest kids shoes are small and lightweight so won’t have a big impact on your luggage allowance.
  • Sun lotion! It’s in Dubai but the brands, quality and price differ. I love the Aldi one for kids. It’s 5* UV rating and really reasonably priced. Although for application ease I prefer the Childsfarm spray on sun lotion for kids. If you forgot to buy it in the UK don’t worry… Click here! Mumzworld stock it, quote Carey10 for 10% off!
  • Beach towels! My go to for these is Primark. I also use them to wrap anything fragile in my luggage.
  • Photo prints! Use the photo printing apps and bring them back with you to frame etc. Photos can be quite costly to get printed in Dubai.
  • Toothpaste! It tastes different in Dubai and although the same brands are available I think the ingredients are different.
  • Weaning stuff! Of course baby spoons, bibs and storage tubs etc are all available in Dubai but no where near as cheap as supermarket prices in the UK.
  • Prep machine, steriliser and strollers! These are available from Dubai but I found them cheaper in the UK. If you have space in your luggage or shipment then it’s definitely worth bringing with you!
  • Toys, gifts, party bag favours! Again, these are obviously available in Dubai but the difference in price is crazy. I’d say if you’re popping into Poundland stock up on party bags, balloons, party decs, party bag fillers etc. And Supermakets, head down the toy aisle. Trust me! The amount of parties kids go to this will save so much money!
  • Books! Yep… you guessed it… these are available in Dubai. But the choice and price range in the UK wins hands down. Although having said this I did manage to pick up some bargains at the Big Bad wolf Book Sale, It’s an annual warehouse book sale in Dubai thats on 24/7 for a weeks or so. I went last year and got some absolute steals, including lots of books and activity posters etc.
  • Pink Stuff, Zo Flora, Minky’s! If you’re a Hincher you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! Get yourself down to Home Bargains and Poundland and stock up as they’re not available in Dubai!
  • Monzo Card! If you have a UK address then I would definitely recommend this. It’s especially handy if you’re just moving over and haven’t yet set up your UAE bank accounts. Click here to see why I love it!!

Anything else?

What do you bring back to Dubai with you? Have I missed anything that should be on the list? Let me know in the leave a reply box below.

Thanks for reading… and happy shopping!

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