From one to two

Going from one child to two was definitely a big transition both for us as parents and for Mason, our first born. Keep reading to see our experience so far.

Just the two of us

I never returned to work after having Mase and really enjoyed the time I had with him before he started nursery. He was my little sidekick. Playdates, cosy days at home and routine. Nothing really compromised that.

“Have another baby they said. It’ll be fun, they said”

Shopping for his baby brother

So we planned on growing our family. Throughout my pregnancy we spoke to Mason about the new baby and that he’s having a little brother etc but I don’t think he fully knew the reality of it all until Ellis actually arrived.


Along came Ellis

June 2019 Ellis arrived safe and sound after a gruelling pregnancy and birth… I’ll save all the details of that for another time! We bought gifts from Ellis for Mase and from Mase to give to Ellis. To be honest, Mason has adjusted really well and only asked for Ellis to go back into Mummy’s belly once… ha!

I had a c section due to Ellis being breach so aside from recovery time etc everything was fine. It’s like Ellis has always been here. Mase is so affectionate with him, wanting to help out and of course a little heavy handed at times so we have to keep an eye on him. It’s not with malice just an overload of emotion and excitement I think.

The first time they met, love at first sight!

I often hear him singing to Ellis from the other room and peep in to see him rocking the chair or giving Ellis his comforter! It melts my heart seeing how caring he is! Just amazing. He understands that Ellis is his brother, that they have the same Mummy and Daddy and that we love them both!

Ellis on the other hand is none the wiser. I feel that because he isn’t aware sometimes I focus more on Mase as Ellis is just in his rocker, chilling. Whereas Mason is fully aware. Splitting my time and attention is hard and there are times when I feel overwhelmed with guilt from feeling like I’m neglecting one of them. I mean, if I could grow an extra pair of hands during bath and bedtime that would be perfect ha!

Mason hasn’t shown any resentment or jealousy towards Ellis but a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)… let’s be honest, we all get it! It happens mostly at bedtime when after his shower Mase goes to bed and Ellis is bought downstairs for his dream feed. Mase has started to ask to come downstairs for, and I quote ‘a little chat on the sofa’ 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ I usually bring him down for two minutes, show him that nothing is going on then take him back up and reassure him that when Ellis has finished his milk he has to go to bed too.

Somedays things are so hectic with Mase, especially with it being summer holidays that I don’t really sit and cuddle Ellis until the evenings. I really do cherish the sleepy cuddles. I honestly think we’re done and stopping at 2 so these are my last baby snuggles!



Everything is just that. Mase is becoming easier as he gets old in terms of behaviour understanding and stuff we need to take out with us for him. Ellis is easy… babies just eat, sleep & poop so that’s fine. I’ll leave this open ended and continue when Ellis is on the move and the game changes again! I’m sure that every stage will have it’s challenges with two little ones but at the moment everything is just PERFECT and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong I’m tired AF but soooooo happy!! To be continued…

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