Sun safe hacks

Living in Dubai there’s no escaping the sun, even during the ‘winter’ months. Keep reading to see my top tips and hacks on letting the kids enjoy the sun safely.


Sun safe hacks

A little bit of vitamin D never hurt anyone… Here’s how we enjoy the sun and stay safe at the same time…

  • Sun lotion – Obvious, yes, but did you know about the UVA rating? It’s often on the back of the bottles. You’ll be surprised at how many factor 50 kids sun lotions are on the market that only have a UVA rating of 3 stars. I always try to get 5 star UVA rating lotions. My fave is Childsfarm spray on lotion, and because it’s a spray on it’s super easy to apply! You can get 10% off using code Carey10 here.
Childs Farm Spray on Sun lotion
  • Swim/sun shoes – Ok, so I didn’t know that these existed before we moved to Dubai. Slip stop shoes are lightweight, flexible, heat proof, slip proof and breathable. Especially handy for pool and beach days. They protect feet from the surface ground heat as well as giving protection whilst in the water too!


Their designs are super cute! My fave for boys is the shark print! They’re sold in lots of places such as Dig-it soft play in Springs Souk and virgin mega stores etc. Keep your eye out for them or visit their Instagram page here where you can purchase from them directly!

SlipStop Shoes
  • Water – Staying hydrated is key. Cooler bags with ice blocks and insulated water bottles are on my essentials list during the summer in Dubai.
  • BPA free bottles – When normal plastic bottles are exposed to heat they release toxins into the water. We have a 5 gallon water dispenser at home and use Aquaplus pure alkaline water in BPA free, 5 gallon bottles. So in transit and storage I know that no toxins are released into the water. I use the water for formula and for us to drink so it’s important that it’s safe!
  • Remove your car seat – I find this is so handy for babies! If your car is parked in the sun and your carseat is removable then take it out. The heat is so intense and car seats can overheat causing infants to be really uncomfortable. Some places will allow you to leave the carseat behind their reception desk or store it away for you.
  • Start your engine – Start your engine and AC before getting the kids in the car. It makes the world of difference trust me. Really easy to do if you have remote start up on your car.
  • Black out curtains – These help keep the sun out and stop rooms from over heating.
  • AC cleaning – Getting your AC cleaned after it’s been off or hardly used over the winter really helps. During the winter months it can build up mould and an array of other nasties, all of which we end up breathing it. Get it refreshed and cleaned. We used Fixpro and got 10% off using code TCM10. They were amazing and the difference was really noticeable. The AC actually worked to the temperature we set it too! Click here for their Instagram page with full contact details and examples of their work!
Daily swims… Such a lucky boy!
  • Fruit lollies – Blend fruit with orange juice or water and add to ice pop moulds. A fun way to cool the kids down, keep them hydrated and get fruit into them! I got a nutribullet and ice pop moulds from Mumzworld using code Carey10 for 10% off.
  • Hosepipe safety – Water play is one of the best ways to keep the kids cool in the summer. BUT be careful… if the hosepipe is out in the sun the water already inside can get dangerously hot. Always be sure to let it in run first before letting the kids have a go or spraying them with water… it could seriously burn them otherwise!
  • Slides and park equipment – Again, its so important to be careful about surface burns. Slip stop shoes are perfect for dry active play too not just for water fun. They’re flexible, grippy and heat proof! Perfect!
  • Shade – Kids don’t need a tan and often struggle to regulate their temperature (especially infants). I find that keeping little ones in the shade often helps reduce suns stroke and sun burn. It’s still warm but not intense sun. Obviously there are times when being in the sun is unavoidable/ok when it’s not too intense but if I can keep them in the shade I will. Luckily in Dubai most kids play areas/pools are shaded and we tend to visit the beach etc in the mornings or late afternoon, avoiding the midday heat.
  • Aftersun – I keep it in the fridge, it makes the lotion cool and even more soothing. My fave for children is childsfarm, You can get 10% off using code Carey10 here.


  • Swimsuits & hats – SPF swimsuits and hats are brilliant. I still cream Mase up with sun lotion before dressing him but getting him to put (and keep) a hat on is sooo hard. I’ve ended up telling him that the lifeguard said that we have to wear our hats or we have to go home 😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️


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