Starting School

So here we are… September 2019 and my baby is starting school. Mason is only 3 but here in Dubai they start a year earlier than in the UK. I was a little skeptical and considered holding him back a year but he’s definitely ready for the next stage in his education. Read on to see how we prepared Mason for the big transition.

First day of Nursery October 2018


Mason didn’t start nursery until he was 2 and a half. For many reasons, the main one being that we moved from the UK to Dubai so wanted to settle him into our new home etc before introducing more change. But there came a time when both of us needed time apart… He loved (and still loves) being with other kids and the stimulation at nursery was amazing. I needed a break to do other things than Mum. We also fell pregnant with Ellis soon after Mase started nursery so it was nice to rest when Mason was there.

Nursery is a all about play and creating a home from home feel. It definitely helped the transition of going to school. I say this to Mason every day when I drop him off… He finishes the sentence. It makes him realise that he’s there for a short time and that Mummy or Daddy will pick him up.

Me: ‘Mummy always…’

Mason: ‘…Comes back’

First day of FS1, September 2019


We enrolled Mason into a nursery that had a primary school attached. Even though it’s at a different entrance he recognised the building and felt instantly at ease. Months of prep went into taking him to get his uniform, school shoes, PE kit etc. Explaining that he’s going to big school because he’s a big boy and that all his friends will be wearing the same.


The school induction took place a week before the start of term. Mason ran in and was so happy! I of course welled up… I mean, where did my baby go?! So confident and independent. He literally gave zero f*cks about leaving me… 😩


Or so I thought…. Turns out that he actually gave a lot of f*cks about leaving me because the first day of school was completely different. Tears and clinging on. Although, he was fine two minutes after I left and didn’t want to leave when I picked him up. Maybe the morning was a little intense… It was the first day, lots of parents, kids, teachers, noise, cars, school buses, etc. I think it was all a little overwhelming for him. But on the second day he was absolutely fine and strutted in like he owned the place!

On the first day I also got Mason a little present (keychain for his bag) and a card! He loved it!

At the start of his first day of FS1 I asked Mase what he wants to be when he’s older, this is what he said… ‘A Superhero’… Shock! Anyone that knows Mase knows that he is obsessed with superheroes!

Freedom for Mummy

So I’ve been pushed to the curb by Mase… for half the day anyway! But I’m so excited to spend precious time with Ellis and give him my undivided attention. He often gets put in the corner in his rocker whilst Mase is being a tornado and ruling the roost! I’m also just enjoying the peace and quiet… Ellis is relatively chilled whereas Mason has zero chill. It’s nice to enjoy a tranquil house before chaos starts again. Props to all the mums that homeschool but it’s just not for me! ha!

Believe and achieve

I am so unbelievably proud of what a smart, funny, affectionate and handsome boy Mason has grown up to be. We chose a school that I hope he will thrive in. I have no doubt that wherever he is Mase will make friends and learn so much. The things he comes home and tells me (even when he was in nursery) just amaze me! So here’s to the next chapter, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mase. 🧡

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