From One Mum to Another

This title should actually read ‘From One Parent to Another’, because it applies to Dads too… It’s just a few thoughts I’ve had since becoming a Mum and more recently becoming a Mum of two… It really takes a village consisting of friendly, family and even strangers!!! Yes, strangers!

Initiate, Reach Out & Offer

Initiate conversations – If I see a Mum (or Dad) sat on their own with the kids I sometimes just say hi, or ask how old their little ones are or whatever… Just anything. I know I always welcome a bit of adult conversation! AND you never know when random meets can flourish into amazing friendships! I get that some people won’t want to engage but if that’s the case the conversation just won’t flow but 99.9% of us are screaming for adult interaction!


Reach out – Ask me to take a picture, if I have any wipes, if I can watch your kids whilst you run one of them to the toilet, if you can borrow crayons or if your kids can sit with us etc. We’ve all been there and sometimes it’s bloody hard! I’d like to think that if I asked other people (which I often do) they would be happy to help. Obviously, I’m selective with who I ask but other parents are usually a safe bet! 😆


Offer – If I see someone struggling I’ll always offer to help, If your little one drops their toy and your hands are full I’ll pick it up for you. If you need help getting a high chair or carrying your drinks over, I’ll help. I’ll always offer to help if I can. I’ve been in so many situations where people have helped me and trust me it makes the world of difference! You get what you give and people are usually just as kind to me so why not keep passing it on! Offer your wipes, open doors, and share your mum hacks – speaking of which, check this iPad/iPhone hack out… trust me, it’s a game changer!

And this car seat carrying hack! You can thank me later 😆😉


It takes a Village

Your village doesn’t have to be big or even familiar! Strangers can be such a big help especially in times of panic and chaos! Even simple things like someone opening the door when you’re pushing the stroller is such a massive help and saves you doing that awkward holding the door open with your bum thing…we’ve all done it! 😆🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ So here’s to being kind and passing it on! Let me know in the leave a reply box below if you’ve received help from strangers and/or passed it on? ALSO if you see me around Dubai or in the UK please say hi… more often than so Mason is dragging me away or Ellis needs to be fed but if I can stop and chat I most definitely will!!

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