Routine works for us

If you know me you’ll know that I’ve always kept Mason really routined in his days from meal times and naps to bath and bedtime. I’m already doing the same with Ellis and not to jinx myself but so far so good. Keep reading to see why and how routine works for us.

Creatures of habit

Little ones really are creatures of habit. They’re actually really similar to dogs in that respect; just like a dog, you have to train your child to sleep, eat and potty train etc. The only difference is that you can’t leave your child at home with a treat and pop out for a few hours 🤣.

I feel that having a stable routine has meant that Mason knows how his day goes. He knows for example that it’s bath/shower, teeth, bed, story then sleep. He knows that he has breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when he was napping he knew when it was. This really avoided meltdowns and tantrums. This is what happens and when and as far as he’s concerned it’s always been that way.

Travelling and disruptions

When we travel or when we moved from the UK to Dubai we kept Mason in the same routine, working around the time difference. Even when we have visitors the routine doesn’t change. No staying up late. It’s all well and good on the night when the kids are hyper and having fun but the crash happens the next day and the effect of it can last for a few days. For me personally, it’s just not worth it. And I hate to see my happy child be unsettled because I selfishly allowed him to stay up later than he should or more to the point that his body can handle. At the weekend Mason sometimes stays up till 7.15/7.30 at the very latest but that’s a real treat for him 🤣🤣🤣

Not just for the kids

I’ve been doing the same with Ellis too and it’s going well. He’s just three months old and sleeping 9-10 hours a night. He goes down at 7 just like Mase. This also gives us an evening to enjoy dinner in peace, watch a little Netflix and actually have a conversation without being interrupted by mini versions of ourselves!

Not only is routine reassuring for kids but for parents too. We know that come 7pm we can relax. Kids need their sleep, Mason is so tired after school, he goes through so many emotions everyday, this alone is exhausting for him! This, plus the added being a general loon and whizzing around all day means he’s zonked. And yes, as he’s got older he wants to stay up using tactics like being thirsty, or needing another wee! But he knows, bedtime is bedtime and soon enough accepts it. More often than not as soon as his head hits the pillow he’s out like a light!

Routine cards

How cute are these routine cards?! Made by a mum for parents.

Routine cards

These cards are brilliant for promoting what’s next or how the day will go. One side is in English and the other Arabic. Mason loves these and we’re using them more and more now that he’s learning phonics and starting to recognise and sound out letters. You can get them here!

Two kids, two routines.

I’ll update this post with how Ellis’s routine fits in around Mason’s. I’ve heard it’s a juggling act with two and that the youngest just slots in so let’s see! Any thoughts or tips on routine feel free to share in the leave a reply box below.

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