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So here’s the thing… I’m not really a writer, actress or model (as you can probably tell from my little spelling/grammatical mistakes and sometimes, more often than not, awkward pictures/videos)!!! But the even crazier thing is that since starting my blog in August 2018 I’ve actually been published on different platforms and featured on various advertising campaigns… Totally surreal I know! Keep reading to see where…

Written Publications

Life’s too short to be serious all the time!

Videos/Advertising Campaigns

  • We had an incorrect gender reveal with Ellis when we thought he was a girl and then told he was in fact a boy (we wouldn’t change him for the world) I spoke about this with Pureborn (the nappy brand) as part of their real women campaign. You can see it here!
  • I shot an advertising campaign for a hair products brand specifically designed to tackle hair problems that people face in the UAE. i.e Weather damage. I was just 5 weeks post partum after having Ellis here! Click here to see the video!
  • Again, stepping out of my comfort zone I filmed an advert for a water company, it was very scripted and I was really nervous having done a lot of takes. Following a script, whilst looking directly into the camera and taking direction is not easy… all whilst being sensitive to the region and product. So here it is… It’s a little cringe but nevertheless an amazing company to represent and a great experience! 


  • YES, Awards… not something I thought would ever happen but I’ve been nominated for Parenting & Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2020 by MBC Magazine! Click here to see the details and vote. Eeek!

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