What’s in my changing bag

With Mason I went through 3 different changing bags, and each one I would pack to the brim… kitchen sink included! With Ellis I bought one changing bag which I knew would transition through stages and I don’t over pack. Keep reading to see which changing bag I use and what I take out and about with me.

Backpack changing bags

These are life savers. Hands free, leaving me to carry/push everything else… kids, strollers… my extra large coffee (and maybe croissant… or two) 😂

Changing bag
I’m hands free!! Changing bag goals!

This is the one I have. It literally has a pocket for everything. All easily accessible, thick straps so it’s comfy to carry and most importantly big enough to fit everything in but doesn’t look like I’m walking around with a weekend bag. It also has stroller clips so you can attach it to strollers or just pop it underneath in the basket. AND… comes with a changing mat… you’d be surprised at how many changing bags don’t come with them!

I got mine from Mumzworld with a 10% discount using code Carey10. Here’s a link to the bag if you want to take a look! 

Changing bag – pre weaning

Ok so this is my favourite stage! You really don’t need much. Here’s what I pack.

  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags
  • Changing mat
  • Wipes
  • changes of clothes x 2/3
  • Muslin x 2
  • Cotton dribble bibs x 3
  • Nappy cream
  • Milk bottles/formula/hot water if feeding that way. I use the pre made formula bottles so I don’t need to take out water.
  • Infacol if using.
  • Teething gel
  • Rattle/comforter/toy
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Purse
  • Lip balm

Changing bag – post weaning (pre walking)

So this is where a transitional bag comes in handy! Weaning means adding the following items to the above list.

  • Sippy Cup & Water
  • Food/bowl/spoon or pouch
  • Wipe clean bib
  • Reusable wet pouch/bag to pop all the dirty stuff in.
  • Teething biscuits
  • Snacks

Changing bag – post weaning (post walking)

The above stages my changing bag is usually kept under the stroller or on the stroller clips.  When little ones are on the move another challenge presents itself. You NEED to be handsfree to help, guide, catch and save them! Adding to the above list I pack the following…

  • Shoes (if not already wearing them)
  • Spare socks ALWAYS (for the eventuality of an impromptu soft play visit… they happen A LOT!)
  • Harness (super handy for keeping tabs on your little explorer!)
  • Energy bars (for you!)
  • iPad… Controversial but trust me, you’ll get to the stage where you need your child to sit or stay in one place and what better way than a bit of screen time? Check out this MUST KNOW iPad/iPhone hack! IT’S A GAME CHANGER!


Show me yours

I’m super nosey and would love to see what’s in your changing bags? What are your must haves? Have I missed anything??? Let me know in the leave a reply box below. Here’s to lighter bags and heavier hearts! 😆🥰

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