Let’s go to the beach!

Going to the beach with babies or young toddlers can be so daunting and if I’m honest… a bit of a palaver! Keep reading to see my top tips, hacks and must haves for beach trips with babies and tots! They make trips to the beach so much more chilled with little ones!

My Lists

The following lists are mostly aimed at beach trips not within a hotel resort. Beach trips in a hotel resort are usually easier, you have all the facilities at your finger tips!

Living their best lives

Beach Baby Hacks

  • Be prepared! Spare towels, clothes, food, snacks, formula etc. Whatever you ‘might’ need, take it if you have space.
  • Take stuff for you too! Especially if you’re taking the kids on your own. There’s nothing worse than having to pack everything up just to go and buy yourself a bottle of water!
  • Create your own shade, Use your stroller and a parasol to create a spot of shade.
  • Pull the stroller backwards when you’re on the sand. Doing it this way is so much easier than pushing forward… trust me!
  • Ice blocks & a cooler bag to keep water, food, milk etc nice and cool.
  • Freeze three quarter full bottles of drinking water, allowing space for expansion when it freezes. Pack these with you in your cooler bag, they act as ice blocks and when they start to melt you have ice cold water too!
  • For anyone wondering… there are no miracle hacks to stop babies from eating sand… Sorry! For some strange, unknown reason they just love it and love to give us parents a mini heart attack every time they shovel a mouthful in!
Ellis’s face… he loved it really :/

Beach Baby Must Haves

  • Large picnic blanket/towels so they can roll and stroll. Our large picnic blanket is from Ikea.
IKEA picnic blanket
  • Sun lotion and hats are an absolute must. Although Mason hated hats when he was younger and Ellis is the same now so I apply sun lotion to their head too! Greasy but protected haha!
  • Parasol. On your pram or one that you can pop up in the sand.
  • Tent/wind shield. We have this one from Mumzworld. Its compact and easy to use. Click here to see it and get 10% off with code Carey10 .
Bestway Beach Tent
Kids HQ portable highchair
SlipStop Shoes
Me and mine at the beach

Tell me yours

I’d love to hear your beach hacks and must haves. Let me know in the leave a reply box below.

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