Home play best buys

I’m all for going out with the kids but sometimes being at home is just as important. Keep reading to see my home play must haves for keeping little ones entertained…

Home play spaces

I’ve put together a list of my favourite play things for creating fun spaces for kids. There are a few discount codes too… take a look.

Bumpa Mat

It’s soft enough to protect little ones from hard floors but durable enough to withstand play. They’re wipe clean too which means no more sticky messy rugs! AND my favourite feature is that they’re reversable… one side to encourage imaginative play and the other is interior friendly. Our Bumpa Mat is from Eco Souk! Shop them here and get 15% off site wide at Eco Souk.

Wobbel Board

Not only is this stylish board sustainable and eco friendly it also has endless uses! Seriously! I gave this to the kids with no instructions and without saying what to do. So far it’s been used as a bridge, surf board, football goal, gate, wall, slide, table, rocker, hammock, flying carpet, seat, tunnel, car track, ramp… I lose track.. the list really is endless… It’s simply as big as your Childs imagination. The wobbel board is a great prop for role play and helps develop balance and motor skills. It also comes with free downloadable/printable Wobbel yoga cards! So much fun! Take a look at them here and get 15% off site wide at Eco Souk. 

Wobbel board fun

Ball Pit

Endless fun! The edges on our ball pit are higher than some of the standard ones you see online. This gives extra support for babies and also makes it suitable for older ones so it’s perfect for both Mason and Ellis. Ellis loves to sit, play and explore. Where Mason loves to create games, throwing the balls in, counting the balls, colour sorting and jumping in and out etc. We have the medium size and its perfect for both of them! Our ball pit is from Ezzro, check them out here! You can get 10% off with code TCM10.

Teepee Tent

This Teepee tent is just amazing!! It encourages role play, cosy story times and so much more. We have the grey stripe design but others are available. It’s by The Kids HQ and available here on Mumzworld. It’s already so reasonably priced and you can get an extra 10% off with code Carey10.


Pretty self explanatory. 🤣🤪Ours is a 10ft Plum with the safety net. We opted for the 10ft one over the 8ft one so both kids can play on it safely and comfortably, it’s also great for play dates! We got it from Mumzworld with 10% off using code Carey10. The price also included delivery and assembly!

Table & chairs

We use our kids table and chairs for everything from meal times and crafts to learning activities and play. Wipe clean and easy to move about. I love it in the white colour option but we went for blue and red as its easier to keep clean without stains. Ours is from IKEA.

Art easel

Another IKEA favourite is our art easel. Chalkboard on one side and white board on the other. Mason loves to get creative and wipe it clean after! It’s sustainable too instead of going through sheets of paper. It’s also great for mark making and practicing pen control. Look what he drew and is so so proud of it hahaha! 🤣🤪🍆🤦🏽‍♀️

Water table

Our Step 2 water table is from Mumzworld. They have lots of choice when it comes to outdoor play. You can get 10% off with code Carey10. This is the water table we have. Mason loves it and I’m sure that Ellis will to!

Paddling pool

Not your average paddling pool, I let Mason choose which one he wanted… So obviously he chose this one…

The kids love it. This and similar ones are available on Mumzworld with 10% off using code Carey10.

Any more home play must haves?

I really try not to spoil the kids and try to buy things that are long life, sustainable and suitable for both of them. Next on my wish list is a swing/slide set. What are your must haves? Let me know in the leave a reply box below. 😘

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