Hair Curling Hack

If you love a bouncy blow dry or loose wavy curls then this hair curling hack is for you! It’s simple, easy and most importantly QUICK! Keeping reading to see how and watch the two minute video tutorial!

Time is precious

Time to myself is both rare and valuable! Getting time to do my hair and make up is really limited now so I love it when I save time and still get great results. This hack takes no more than 5 minutes!!

hair curling hack
Hair Curling Hack Results

Hair Curling prep & What you need

Prep – You hair needs to be dry. It doesn’t have to be freshly washed, just dry and not greasy.

What you need – Hair brush, hair band and a hair wand/tongue. The wand I use is from Bombay Hair. I paid full price for it 5 years ago and it’s still going strong. They’re offering an exclusive 40% off with code TCM40 here! 

Hair Curling Hack Video Tutorial

Watch my curly hair hack tutorial below… you’ll be shocked at how quick and easy it is!!


I have long, thick hair and achieved this look by doing just four curls! Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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