Lockdown with kids

Well… 2020 hasn’t quite gone to plan! Coved-19 has rocked the world and everything we once knew. Keep reading to see how we as a family are (just about) surviving lockdown together.

It started so well…

When the schools closed and lockdown was announced we were shocked like everyone else! But we were full of positivity, energy, ideas and patience! I had a homeschooling routine, exercise routine, kids activities and fun things organised. But this was all short lived…


Feeling a bit blah

Fast forward 3 months and my mood is deflated, belly inflated and patience next to none! I mean, THREE MONTHS. My husband breathed loudly and I swear it nearly resulted in divorce! Tensions are definitely high! We’re all baked out, done with Joe Wicks home workouts and over finding new ways to keep the kids entertained.


Ellis will be 11 months old soon. He’s more and more active and mobile but pretty content with lockdown life because he’s so young. The only thing I worry about for him is the lack of interaction with other babies and being out and about etc.


Mason on the other hand had a lockdown 4th birthday… which isn’t at all what he associates a birthday being like… So naturally there’s a promise of a big party when we can have one. He’s lost total interest in homeschooling and to be honest, some days so have i. It’s hard, monotonous and a real struggle to keep kids of FS age engaged when a lot of their schooling revolves around learning through play and with others.


I’ll be honest, most days he asks for the iPad and before he’s finished asking for it it’s in his hands! We all need a little break right?! His screen time is my rest bite! I’ll share the link here to my iPad/iPhone hack… it’s a life saver trust me!!

This too shall pass

And bloody soon I hope! We will of course be proceeding with caution and against all my wants I won’t be hop skipping over to the first brunch that reopens. I think it’ll be a slow and steady journey into adjusted normality. People aren’t going to forget this over night… We certainly won’t anyway!


I hope everyone is keeping safe… Sending love (and iPad hacks) xxx

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