Easy Bake Boxes in Dubai

Finally, someone is doing pre measured baking kits in Dubai! More fun and no wastage. Keep reading to see more!

Bake Box

This is just what Dubai needs! How many times have you looked at a recipe and can’t find that one ingredient, or have to go to several supermarkets just to get everything?! Well, say no more! Bake box deliver everything you need along with pre measured ingredients and easy to follow instructions. The ingredients also come numbered which makes following the instructions even easier. AND prices start from just 60aed! You can find Bake Box on Instagram and Facebook under @hellobakebox.

Funfetti Cupcakes

Our Bake Box Bakes

As and when we try a bake box we’ll pop it here so you can see it. They’re so easy and so much fun… but most importantly taste amazing!

Yummy sugar cookies, baked & decorated by Mason

Funfetti Cupcakes

These cupcakes look amazing and taste even better! Watch our little video to see what you get inside this Bake Box and how we made our cupcakes… Mason even piped some of the icing himself!

Sugar Cookies

Cookies are always a big hit in our house. Mason decorated them all by himself but for some reason my camera didn’t record this bit!! Take a look at how easy these cookie kits are! The rolling, cutting shapes and decorating steps are really good for developing little ones motor skills!

How to order

If you fancy ordering a Bake Box or sending one as a gift contact @hellobakebox on Facebook or Instagram. Prices start from just 60aed!!!

Proud Baker of Funfetti Cupcakes

Easy baking

Baking has never been so easy with Mason! He absolutely loves baking! It’s a brilliant activity and great for their motor skills! The instructions are so easy and all the ingredients is numbered so older kids will be able to do these by themselves with some assistance using the oven… although having said this, Bake Box also have a no bake recipe too!

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