Back to School 2020

Ahhh… where to start. Back to school but I guess not as we know it. Keep reading to see my back to school essentials list and preparing for the unknown…

We survived homeschooling & the summer

Whoop! We survived home schooling, lockdown and the summer in the sandpit! I’m not going to speak about it all, because frankly I’m over it! AND then we received the all important email that schools WILL reopen in September! We don’t yet know the finer details of exactly what everything will be like but they’re opening and offering distance learning options too. If we send Mason back to school this is what’s on my list…

The List

  • Uniform – Luckily Mason still fits in his uniform (because it was so big on him last year!!!) so we don’t need to buy the next size just yet. We have 3 sets of the regular uniform, 2 sets of the PE kit and 1 jumper. Socks we got from H&M as opposed to the ‘school shop’ because they’re not branded and a quarter of the price.


  • Backpack – At Masons school they have to have the branded school backpack. Again, we don’t need to buy another one because his is still in really good condition! Don’t forget if you’re child also has to have a branded back pack get some key chains they might like. It’s a nice little first day back gift and also helps them to recognise their bag from their classmates!


 For more lunch and snack box ideas head over to my Instagram page highlight school lunches and snacks here!


  • Shoes –  Urgh school shoes… I mean our kids are kids, not 50 year old men. I found some cool ones last year from Ecco. Birkenstocks and Ralph Lauren also have some nice ones. We’ll be shopping for these again this year in the next size up! If it was up to me I’d send him in in comfy trainers but hey ho, rules are rules.


  • Trainers – White trainers, We got Masons from sun sand and sports last year. We’ll be on the hunt for some again as he’s outgrown the last pair!
  • Pencil case – FS don’t usually need one but this year they do. I’m waiting for confirmation from the school of exactly what he needs.
  • Masks/sanitiser – Basically the unknown. Who knows what they’ll need or use or even wear! But I’m just waiting for the email with the ‘essential’ branded school masks for 100aed a pop, haha!

It is what it is

Hoping ‘normality’ will resume soon but until then who knows, no one! The schools and teachers are doing their best and so are we as parents trying to prepare for the unknown. All I know if that Mason is so adaptable and I need a break… as does he! He needs to be with his friends, exploring, learning… It may be different but anything is better than being cooped up at home or walking endlessly round malls. I still can’t believe that my baby is going to be in FS2… sounds crazy even just saying it! I really hope everyones back to school journey goes smoothly!

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