Christmas gift guide 2020

What a year hey! So excited for Christmas this year… I’ve compiled a little list of gift inspo, ideas and discount codes… for kids, hubbies and for us and all in different price ranges! Take a look.

Kids Savvy Buys

Perfect for stocking fillers, Christmas Eve boxes and little gifts.

We usually head to daiso or miniso. Perfect for little nik naks. Prices start from at little at 7aed!

Mumzworld also have a warehouse sale on at the moment with some items reduced up to 80%! Plus an extra 10% off with code Carey10! Bargain! Plus watch out for their Birthday sale at the beginning on November and Black Friday sale towards the end of November. You can use code Carey10 for an extra 10% off of sale items! whoop!

Festive Bake boxes. These bake boxes from Hello bake box are just amazing. They come with everything you need and easy to follow instructions. Alongside their staple bake boxes they also have seasonal ones too… Their festive bake boxes are a great gift for littles and keeps them occupied too. I’m definitely going to order a few as gifts for Masons friends. They have personalised family gingerbread houses… EEEEK!! Click here to take a look and order!

Hello Bake Box Gingerbread house kit! YUM

Books – Books are always a hit, Booktopia have several stores across Dubai and you can order online… AND the best bit.. the books are so reasonably priced and sometimes actually cheaper than in the UK!! I usually get Mason a Christmas book as part of this Christmas Eve box.

Ark Children Newly launched in the UAE. The cutest toys and skandi/montessori inspired bits and bobs! The balancing pebbles are on my list for Christmas… and the cute little wooden camera! Code TCM10 gets you 10% off on all orders over 100aed, this code is valid till 25th December so it’s perfect for Christmas stocking fillers and gifts! Click here to check out their collection… they’re newly launched so keep an eye out for more products coming soon!

Wooden toy camera just 45aed! And even cheaper if you use the discount code!

Kids Mid Range

Lego Lego Lego! If you’re quick enough you can order it from the UK from places like John Lewis and get it delivered here. Much cheaper. Although having said this Lego Stores have some really good sales on here in Dubai 25-50% off! And mumzworld where 10% off applies on Lego too with code Carey10 . It also works on discounted items! Mumzworld have the lego advent calendars too which you can use this discount code on for 10% off! A nice change from the chocolate ones!

Official Lego Advent Calendar from Mumzworld

IKEA is great for things like, chalk, pens, paper, craft tables, easels, cuddly toys etc.

Clothes – Vayskingdom do organic kids clothes in the cutest prints for both girls and boys. Shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses and Tee’s! Carey15 for 15% off!

Clixtiles – magnet tiles. Hours of fun!! These are great for developing motor skills and logical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Code TCM10 gets you 10% off!

Clixtiles – Magnet tiles

Grimms wooden toys are also on my list. Eco souk have a lovely collection of wooden toys. Code TCM15 for 15% off… every little helps right!

Dolls & toy prams – Stepping away from plastic and check out Eco souks collection of gorgeous ethnically diverse dolls, cute rattan luggy’s and wooden toy strollers. They are just the cutest. The code TCM15 also applies for 15% off! I seriously need a girl to spoil!

Play kitchen – Our go to for these is IKEA, They’re fine just as they come but I know lots of people who have customised them and they look AMAZING!

Dolls house – Soooo many around. I love the white open ones that look like a shelving units/bookcases. I’m thinking to get one for the boys for Christmas to use as a super hero hide out. Spotted in Homecentre or there are several companies that custom make them too! Failing that, this is my favourite one from Mumzworld! Carey10 10% off!

Water tables & outdoor fun – My go to for these bits is always Mumzworld. They have price match too so if you see things cheaper elsewhere just contact them and they’ll match it. Plus an extra 10% off with code Carey10 …. Winning!

Step2 Water table. 2 years old and still in immaculate condition!

Kids big buys

Bandwood trike/balance bike/bike – Made from steal with oak wood and vegan leather leather finishes these bikes are second to none! There’s an exclusive 20% off this October with code TCM20. Hurry, they’re selling out fast but the code can be used on pre orders too which means you don’t have to store or hide it for as long!

Banwood trike

Bumpa mat – the most used item in our house. Non toxic, reversible and wipe clean! We got ours from Eco Souk and they also now have the dreamy vegan leather mats! TCM15 for 15% off from Ecosoukme

Wobbel board – hours of fun! We leave it out all the time on our bumpa mat and the kids use it as and when and however they want to! Check out this video for some wobble board ideas! Ours is from Eco souk, TCM15 for 15% off!

wobbel board

Trampoline – Mason got one for Christmas last year and it was the best purchase we made! We opted for 10ft plum from Mumzworld and used code Carey10 for money off!

Ball pit – we have the medium one from Ezzro. They’re literally always in and out. There are cheaper ones available but this one has higher sides which gives more support and means it’s suitable for bigger kids too! TCM10 for 10% off!

Ezzro Ball pit – medium

Climbing frame – a swing and slide set is on my list for this year! I’ve got my eye on a kid Kraft and Moonkids set which are wooden but also a step2 set which is plastic. I’m in two minds they both have their pros and cons with upkeep, wear and tear and sun damage.

For the guys

Aside from the general socks and boxers 🤣

I’ve seen the most gorgeous key chain on forever imprint. He’s not a cuff link guy or bracelet guy either so I think I’ll go with a key chain! If you quote TheCareyMum you can get 10% off too!

6th street is great for clothes, shoes and bits and bobs! Code carey10 for 10% off.

For us Mamas!

Seriously ladies share this link with your husband! Aside from perfume, bags and shoes take a look at this….

Slide the image to see the front & back of the pendants

They’re made right here in Dubai by a very talented mum Emma, who owns forever imprint! So many options and so so so special. I get so many people asking about it when I wear mine ❤️ If you quote TheCareyMum you can get 10% off too!

Beauty Box products. Vegan & Cruelty free beauty! Who doesn’t love trying new products. Code TCM10 for 10% off!

On the subject of pampers. Code thecareymum gets you 30% off any first treatment from the Beauty garden salon. Perfect for festive nights out prep or a January treat. Drop those hints girls…the guys can purchase vouchers for us! haha

Drop a hint and get the gift of brows using code BROW100 for 100aed off microblading/microshading with, Dr T. She’s a top UK brow tech based in Dubai!!! I recently had mine done and wish I’d done it sooner!

6th street is great for clothes, shoes, homeware etc. They stock lakeland which for me is an absolute winner! You can use code carey10 for 10% off including sale items!

A quick run down

So we usually get a few big buys then a combo of budget and mid range bits. Here’s a little of list of my go to site for Christmas shopping. I’ve listed some discount codes too.

  • Eco souk – TCM15 15% off site wide! The eco/sustainable concept store dream land!
  • Ezzro – ball pits and slides etc. 10% off with code TCM10
  • Banwood bikes – From Day off – TCM20 20% off only till end of October 2020.
  • Ark Children – Montessori/Skandi inspired concept store – TCM10 10% off on all orders over 100aed. valid until 25th Dec 2020.
  • Beauty Box – Vegan & cruelty free products…. who doesn’t love beauty products especially when they’re friendly! TCM10 10% off from their site!
  • The beauty garden salon – Pamper pamper pamper! TheCareyMum for 30% off any first treatment
  • Citron – thecarey15 15% off on all orders over 100aed. Who doesn’t need lunch boxes, snack boxes and bottles!
  • Mumzworld – Carey10 10% off (even off of discounted items) they also have a big birthday sale coming in November aswell as Black Friday. – keep and eye out!
  • Forever imprint – Jewellery, cufflinks, keychains… all handmade and so so sooo sentimental! thecareymum for 10% off
  • 6th Street – everything, literally everything! Designer wear, homeware, shoes etc, for adults and kids! carey10 for 10% off!
  • Vays kingdom – Organic clothes in cute prints – Carey15 for 15% off – Vayana if you’re reading this I’m wishing for Christmas prints to make a change from our Christmas PJ’s pictures haha!
  • Clixtiles – 10% off magnet tiles with code TCM10

All that matters

Obviously all that really matters is family time and making memories. We usually do presents in the morning then head down to the beach and back home for Christmas lunch. I order in because although I love cooking I hate missing out on all the fun and would rather enjoy the day than being stuck in the kitchen for hours!

Christmas 2019

Whatever you get up to have a good one! Let me know if you have any other gift ideas. I’ll keep updating the list as and when I come across new finds!


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