Choosing a Travel Stroller


Being an expat traveling with kids is just part of our life… and to be honest the thought of it is more daunting than it actually is. At the top of my list when traveling with babies/toddlers/young kids is always a compact cabin size approved stroller. There are now quite a few on the market, keep reading to see the ones we have, which we prefer and why.

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The ultimate Mums list of things to bring back from the UK to Dubai!

Having lived the expat life for just over a year now there are so many things (aside from family and friends) that I really miss. When people ask me what I miss I find myself saying Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Primark… Yes, I know that I sound like a total loser but it’s so true!

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Family friendly brunches in Dubai

It’s a big decision to take little ones to a brunch… I mean, let’s be honest… I for one would love nothing better than not having to chase a toddler around…. but having said this Dubai caters for families so well and brunch is no exception! I’ve decided to do a little review of family brunches after we’ve been. As and when we go to a different family brunch I’ll add it to the list. Read more to see the list and short bullet point reviews. HAPPY BRUNCHING!

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